collection III: FOr you

Cleo Silk Gown in Emerald

Cleo Silk Gown in Emerald








For You : A collection for the strong, brave, courageous women who inspire us:



May we know them,

may we be them,

may we raise them.







Frida Wrap Jacket in Deep Emerald & Emma Silk Bias Skirt in Emerald 








Each piece named for a Ferrah Muse :



Gloria Steinem

Maya Angelou

Georgia O'Keeffe

Frieda Kahlo

Cleo Wade

Emma Watson




Frida Silk Velvet Wrap Jacket in Moonstone & Georgia Draped Culotte in Pearl 

Gloria Silk Bias Top in Champagne & Emma Silk Bias Skirt in Champagne

Maya Two-In-One Silk Wrap in Pearl





All garments made locally, in Dallas, TX from 100% natural fibers. 


All silks dyed with natural antimicrobial Indigo dye. 


We strive to make killer clothes that don't kill the environment! 


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